Engineering Plant s.r.l. - Via del crocefisso, 54 - Latina (LT)

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Our firm, which makes use of highly qualified professionals, applies the highest standards of quality and technology and is structured to carry out the following activities:

  • Electrical and electro-instrumental study and design for each type of company;​

  • Construction of medium and low voltage industrial electrical systems;

  • Design, construction and construction of electrical and pneumatic distribution, automation and control panels;

  • Design and installation of telephone, communication and data transmission systems with optical fiber or copper cables;

  • Development and installation of security, anti-intrusion, access control and CCTV systems;

  • Maintenance and technical assistance to the systems also through a continuous presence of its own personnel within the company;

  • Design and construction of automation systems (PLC) and process control supervision (SCADA), for the management of machines, plants and production lines.​


The professionalism, the quality of the projects, the technological innovation, are the strengths of our business. The quality policy is to provide customers with professional services that are perfectly compliant with the agreed requirements and perfectly suited to meet their needs.

The quality of our services is always the result of our commitment and professional skills, which must guarantee safety and reliability.


Maximum continuous commitment and adoption of rigorous design and construction criteria, using only standard components, produced by market leaders; continuously training our staff to be always in step with evolution and to use, at best and with competence , the products available on the market.

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