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Established in 2003, the Engineering plant S.r.l. is a company that operates in the field of electrical and technological systems and industrial automation throughout the country. It mainly focuses on the market for the design, construction and maintenance of electrical systems in industrial plants, in the analysis and development of industrial automation systems, in the design and construction of electrical panels, in the design and installation of advanced IT electrical systems, through the use of the main automation tools such as PLCs, control units, vision sensors. It also offers assistance in the installation and / or maintenance of systems dedicated to the aerospace sector having gained experience. The company is made up of 20 employees, all highly qualified technicians, a sales manager and a sole director with the functions of technical manager. It is structured in such a way as to adapt adequately to the different needs of the customer thanks to an excellent organization of work and the professionalism, competence and availability of all its collaborators. The path of vision, estimation and acquisition of the works is relatively short and this allows us to satisfy the customer also from the point of view of delivery times, without compromising the quality of the service offered. The Engineering Plant customer will be fully assisted, from the offer phase to the plant testing phase, and any subsequent maintenance. With a view to global service, it provides its customers with immediate assistance in the event of emergencies due to sudden plant failures and provides an electrotechnical engineering studio that allows the design and implementation of works in compliance with current technical standards.


Our company is a structure intended for the design, construction and installation of electrical systems both within the national territory and abroad. ENGINEERING PLANT is made up of a group of young professionals, who, rooted in a traditional condition, have a modern and emancipated vision of reality, who believe that entrepreneurial development is the only way to rise from the employment crisis ready to be successful on the world stage. Men who believe in unusual choices, in innovative and winning strategies, in the creation of objectives that contribute to entrepreneurial relaunch, in other words in concrete development. Professionals who believe that money is instrumental in achieving ever new and competitive objectives and for this reason not an end but a means of social communication. Our goal is to become protagonists in the international scenario as a reference for people who want healthy entrepreneurship and in compliance with ethical and moral values. To achieve the objectives set, our company makes use of a strong, decisive structure, where the protagonists who operate have the ability to launch new and significant initiatives, where, in addition to the contribution of the means, what makes the difference is given by experience of those who believe in the turning point and apply with constant commitment. A structure that has its operational heart in the central reality of Italy, but which wants to expand wherever it is possible to create a reference, including through principals, connections and services towards prestigious goals in the dynamic "Total Quality" logic.


The experience gained in 19 years of activity at the service of the most demanding and prestigious customers both in Italy and abroad, mainly focused in the mechanical, chemical, metallurgical, pharmaceutical, military and aerospace sectors, allows us to ensure personalized assistance that covers all the needs, from the identification of opportunities for the customer to the total realization of the related objectives.

The Management of the Company has set itself the goal of creating a good and solid image with its Customers, in compliance with the applicable rules and laws, intervening with professionalism and promptness on any problems that may arise after delivery.

The Quality Policy, which hinges on the aforementioned contents, is implemented, disseminated and supported. The Quality of the Engineering Plant services is certified with a UNI EN ISO 9001: 2008 System through CERSA, a body recognized by Accredia.


The Group

A close-knit team of technicians and skilled workers works to satisfy the requests of our customers. Our staff, mainly trained in the company, is constantly engaged in updating to keep pace in a constantly evolving sector.​

Department It

It deals with the analysis of customer requests, identifying the best applicable solutions, ensuring flexibility, speed of intervention, high quality control, compliance with delivery terms.

projects are

The production department transforms all our projects into concrete and animated objects, realizing them in the best possible way with particular regard to quality.


The work group is completed by an accounting office and a purchasing office, essential for guaranteeing efficient company management


PLC: The programmable logic controller (PLC) is an industrial computer originally specialized in the management of industrial processes.

The PLC executes a program and processes the digital and analog signals coming from sensors and directed to the actuators present in an industrial plant

Our department:

  • goes to build industrial automation systems starting from the trial study up to commissioning in the field;

  • goes to make diagnostics on existing systems to search for the fault in order to restore the operation of the machine;

  • goes to study the existing processes and machines to allow modifications or corrections to be made in such a way as to improve its functioning both in terms of production and energy saving;

  • it carries out the revamping of old PLC systems with the most current hardware technologies for better efficiency and a lower cost of spare parts in case of failures;

Some examples of automatic systems made:

  • ​On labeling machines, with the need to increase the quality of the product, Omron cameras have been installed that check the effective and correct application of the label on the single bottle, in such a way as to be able to acquire these data through the PLC and proceed with the rejection of the same through belts and pushers, thus ensuring that in the general canning process there are no flawed bottles;

  • On canning machines we have installed an IFM sensor which signals the failure to insert a single bottle inside the container and, after processing the alarm signals, the PLC manages the waste or the machine stop thus avoiding the presence of incomplete packaged boxes;

  • ​Banner cameras with OCR recognition have been installed on the packaging machines, inserted to check the veracity of the barcode printed on the labels and in the presence of errors the process PLC will discard the unsuitable product;

  • ​Construction of a condensate abatement system, the system has been optimized to eliminate its formation inside the storage tanks, thus avoiding the presence of water inside them during the product loading process.

Main PLC manofacturers used:

  • Siemens
  • Schneider
  • Allen Bradley
  • Omron

WMaun supervisione systems and OP panels used:

  • Siemens Scada WinCC
  • Siemens Pannelli OP
  • Wonderware InTouch Scada
  • Pannelli Generici UniOp

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